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Decolorization and purification of sugarcane mixed juice (sugar)

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At present, the mainstream methods of sugar production in China are carbon method and sulfur method. The method mainly uses chemical raw materials such as lime, sulfur dioxide and polyacrylamide to flocculate and decolorize syrup. This process requires the addition of clarification auxiliary materials such as sulfur, and the prepared sugar has chemical residues, which affects the quality and safety of sugar. In addition, a large amount of solid waste generated by adding lime needs to be treated, which not only increases the production cost of the enterprise, but also causes environmental pollution.

In response to the above problems, Bona has developed an advanced ceramic nanofiltration membrane production process.

The integrated process flow of ceramic nanofiltration membrane is as follows:

Decolorization and purification of sugarcane mixed juice (sugar)


Advantages of ceramic nanofiltration membrane integration process:

1. No chemical residues, improve product quality

2. Sulfur-free technology, original product ecology, safety and health

3. The amount of lime added is reduced, the cost of solid waste treatment is reduced, and there is no environmental pollution

4. The color of the clear juice is obviously reduced, which improves the purity of the product

5. The equipment has a high degree of automation, which reduces labor costs and enterprise production costs