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Extraction and concentration of traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese medicine mainly comes from natural medicine and its processed products, including plant medicine, animal medicine, mineral medicine and some chemical and biological products. The components of traditional Chinese medicine are complex, so the extraction method of traditional Chinese medicine has received great attention. Traditional methods such as water extraction, alcohol precipitation and vacuum concentration have disadvantages of low efficiency, high energy consumption and high production cost. Nowadays, membrane separation technology has been applied to the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and achieved good results. Today, we will introduce the application of touch separation technology in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine.

Membrane separation and concentration process of traditional Chinese medicine extraction:

Traditional Chinese medicine extract → centrifugation / plate frame → ceramic membrane system → organic membrane system → single effect / multi effect → follow-up process

Membrane separation technology can be used to filter and coat macromolecular substances such as protein, starch, pectin, frontal substance and microorganisms in the extract of traditional Chinese medicine; At the same time, in view of the needs of some liquid medicine treatment, the integrated membrane separation process combining ceramic membrane separation technology with organic membrane ultrafiltration and nanofiltration separation technology is adopted to form the stepped filtration separation and purification of liquid medicine. The advantages of the two types of membrane separation are reasonably applied to the extraction and purification of Chinese patent medicine.

The advantages of membrane separation technology of traditional Chinese medicine extraction:

1. The pure physical normal temperature operation process, no chemical reaction, no damage to the thermal sensitive components, to avoid the loss of fragrance and effective components;

2. The membrane separation system has high precision, which can remove the macromolecular fiber, tannin, mechanical particle impurities, foreign matters and microorganisms in the material liquid, so that the yield and quality can be improved obviously; 3. The membrane system is designed for the cross flow operation, and the problem of pollution and blockage can be solved without adding filter aids;

4. Design on-line regeneration cleaning and sewage discharge device, reduce labor intensity and production cost, and improve production efficiency;

5. The concentration cost of membrane concentration is only about one fifth of the steam heat concentration cost, which greatly reduces the production cost of the enterprise; 6. All the pipelines contacting with the extract shall be made of materials meeting the hygiene requirements, and shall meet the requirements of GMP and other certification specifications.

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