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Organic membrane separation experimental machine

basic information
Product Details

Product introduction:

The organic membrane separation experimental machine (bona-gm-18eh) can be replaced with microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane elements. It is widely used in biological, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental protection and other fields. It is used in the process experiments of concentration, separation, purification, clarification, sterilization, desalination, solvent removal, etc. the experimental parameters selected by the equipment can be directly amplified to the pilot and industrial production. With strong technical strength and professional technical services, bonabio fully ensures the success rate of the experiments of customers, Become the choice of laboratory membrane filtration equipment.

organic membrane separation experimental machine (bona-gm-18eh)

technical parameter

Minimum circulating volume:800ml;

Filtration area:0.4m2/set;

Material tank:≤50L;

working pressure:0-6.5MPa;

Allowable working temperature:5-55℃(It depends on the core); 

Pump power:1.5KW;

PH scope of application:2-12;

Filtration rate:0.5-10L/H(Depending on material and core);

Power Distribution Box:Explosion proof power distribution220V;

Equipment size:1380 (length) x 670 (width) x1050 (height) mm;

Description of equipment structure

1. There is no welding point between the equipment material and the pipeline to ensure the pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment. The operation is simple, clean, safe and reliable.

2. The equipment power supply adopts frequency conversion control, which can fully ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

3. The material pump adopts the pressure protection system, which can realize the overpressure automatic relief protection, and the experimental process is absolutely safe.

4. The material pump adopts the temperature sensing system, which can realize the automatic power-off protection of over temperature and ensure the stability of the material in the process of experiment. 5. According to the fluid dynamics, the membrane shell can ensure the velocity of the membrane surface, the safety of the experiment and the reliability and stability of the test data. 6. The thickened design of membrane shell can be replaced with microfiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane and other membrane cores. It is suitable for the study of small scale separation experiment.


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Organic membrane separation experimental machine
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